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Soma Flex

Rating: A
Company: Soma Flex

Soma Flex:

SomaFlex is said to be the one of the top selling joint supplements in the U.S. currently. The manufacturer is unknown but there is an official website where users can learn more information about the supplement. The benefits of SomaFlex include relieving and comforting joints, rebuilding joint function, supporting healthier joint functioning while increasing mobility. The website is also very professional in design offering a good amount of helpful information and a chart which compares the product with other excellent joint supplements on the market coming out as you may have guessed a winner. Contact for the company is through a toll free number and email only.

Main ingredients in SomaFlex are listed as Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Pycnogenol, Univestin, Turmeric Root Extract and White Willow Bark. Other ingredients are unknown but the manufacturers have stated this product to use only the highest quality ingredients.

Does Soma Flex Work:

A recently performed double-blind clinical study says it does. The study also concluded that the ingredient Univestin does have benefits of stiffness and pain of those suffering from knee Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The ingredient Pycnogenol was studied through the University of Arizona Tucson and showed it to have benefits in reducing pain and symptoms of Osteoarthritis. More information involving the clinical studies is available on the official website. SomaFlex is also said to be 100% natural. This supplement hasn’t been on the market very long but has become very popular in the short amount of time it has. It’s also said to be 100% natural.

Is Soma Flex Safe?

The creators have stated its 100% natural and there have been no reports of harmful side effects. The website also offers free samples for small shipping and handling fee to those wishing to try before buying. SomaFlex is not yet available in stores and is online only. Suggested dosage is also unknown but all information is included with free sample or actual joint supplement purchase.

Soma Flex Grade?

Grade A has been given for SomaFlex which is a beneficial product that’s off to a great start having been purchased by millions worldwide. There is clinical information available for many of the ingredients and the actual product has received numerous positive customer testimonials online. Purchase price of the actual SomaFlex joint supplement starts at $39.99 online for the 60 tablet one month supply on websites like Amazon. A money back guarantee has not been mentioned for SomaFlex.


Grade B has been given for the as seen on TV Soma Flex Beverage for joint health. It does turn out that lots of people have found the benefits they were seeking in this simple drink beverage. Although clinical results are not available this is a drink supplement for the joints well worth trying out on the 60 day money back guarantee the official website offers. Other websites selling this supplement may not offer any guarantees.

Soma Flex Review


Product: Soma Flex

Company: Soma Flex

Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

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