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Schiff Mega Red Joint Care

Rating: B
Company: Schiff Mega Red Joint Care

Schiff Mega Red Joint Care:

MegaRed Joint Care is another supplement from Schiff but this one is primarily focused on comforting sore joints. Schiff has many excellent products in the area of joint supplements currently on the market and has been in business for many years. The official company website which includes all the products is packed full of beneficial information and very professional including company contact information and news articles related to joint health.

Ingredients in MegaRed Joint Care are a proprietary formula combining powerful Omega-3 Krill Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and Astaxanthin. Hyaluronic Acid is the naturally existing nutrient within the body that aids lubrication and cushioning of the joints including astaxanthin which is the potent antioxidant for relieving oxidative joint damage. Other ingredients include Gelatin, Glycerin, Yellow Beeswax, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Water, Red #40, Titanium Dioxide, Ethyl Vanillin, Blue #1, Caramel Color, Rosemary Extract as Antioxidants and Mixed Tocopherols.

Does Mega Red Joint Care Work:

Does MegaRed Joint Care Work? There is mention of a human conducted clinical study which proved one of the small capsules taken per day to relieve sore joints up to 2 times better than Chondroitin and Glucosamine. MegaRed Joint Care has also been said to work much quicker than many other joint supplements. The usual time it takes to feel results is 7 days or less and dosage is one soft gel per day.

Is Mega Red Joint Care Safe?

Is MegaRed Joint Care Safe? Individuals are advised against use if having coagulopathy or shellfish allergy problems and taking medications. A physician should be consulted before use for those pregnant and lactating or taking prescription medications.

Schiff Mega Red Joint Care Grade?

Grade B has been given for MegaRed Joint Care another suitable joint supplement from Schiff. The supplement uses 100% pure Antarctic Krill and has created quite an online buzz in a positive way on every website its listed on, including Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews and EBay. No money back guarantee could be found but if it works as well for you as it has for many there should be no need for one.

Schiff Mega Red Joint Care Review


Product: Schiff Mega Red Joint Care

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Rating: 2 / 5 Stars

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